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(*based on the calculation that DF will be able to
achieve sales worth ONLY 15 lakhs per year)

Are you interested in Sales?

Do you have a strong network among schools?

Do you have experience of 5+ years in the education field?

If yes, then

INVEST Rs.50,000



Registration Form


Only 100 Digital Franchisees available. Join Now!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Digital Franchisee (DF) to pay the Franchise fees upfront and fill in the attached form. DF can market the (SOL) courses all over India.

  2. On receipt of the payment and form, SOL will send the marketing collaterals to the DF along with a unique DF “Code”

  3. All registrations through the DF have to enter this code at the time of online payment.

  4. The share of the DF will be calculated based on the no of students who have entered this unique code at the time of checkout.

  5. DF will get 10% sharing upto 100 admissions, 15% upto 250 admissions, 20% upto 500 admissions, 25% upto 1000 admissions and 30% if he achieves the target of 1000 admissions and above.

  6. The proposal is only valid for courses listed on

  7. Sharing will be done strictly on the fees paid by the students and not on the listed price.

  8. In case of refund by the student, the same will be adjusted from the share of the DF in the next statement.

  9. In case DF does not wish to continue after 1 year, he can request for refund of the DF fees, which will be refunded in full without any applicable interest.

  10. The above earning calculation is made on the assumption that the DF achieves a sales target of 1000 admissions with at least 15 lakhs of revenue.

  11. Statements will be shared monthly and payments will be disbursed once confirmation of the statement is received.

  12. The payments will be applicable to prevailing tax norms in Mumbai.

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